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Picture of the farm. Shows structure with red roof. Grass field surrounded by trees and shrubs.

About PDX Urban Farm

It took me a long time to figure out what I most enjoyed about life. I grew up playing sports, went to college, started a career, got married, moved to Japan, came back to Portland and that's when it hit me that I love nothing more than gardening. I love watching things grow and thrive all because I put some minimal effort into caring for them. It is an amazing feeling to watch a plant grow from seed and produce actual fruit!

Being a gardener, especially in times of climate change, it becomes increasingly clear how important sustainability is. PDX Urban Farm is a fully organic, sustainable venture. I run a small farm on my property inside Portland city limits, in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest. As a hobby, I started making sustainable products from my garden and I realized that there are a lot of people out there like me who are searching for products that not only come from nature, but help nature, and are healthy to boot! That is what we are aiming for here at the farm. While we are still learning and growing, I think what we have created is pretty special.

Check back in every once in a while as we list new products and share our sustainable journey on the blog. I will also be sharing tips and tricks I learn along the way and how you can help your local environment.

Talk soon, and until then, do what makes you happy.

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Yellow Flowers
Picture of the farm. Shows structure with red roof. Grass field surrounded by trees and shrubs.

The Crew

Woman owned, Woman run.

Mailing List

Cassidy Walters-Roe

Owner/Creator (She/Her)

Cassidy has always had a love of gardening and creating. Born in San Diego, California, she and her family moved to Keller, Texas when she was five. However, she was always meant for the Pacific Northwest. In both Intermediate School and High School in Texas she started and led environmental clubs. She has an extensive rock collection, and always picks up a new one on her beloved road trips. She moved to Portland, Oregon 10 years ago where she met her husband, Sam. They were married in June of 2018 and almost immediately moved to Sendai, Japan. Moving back to PDX after almost 2 years in Japan, Cassidy realized she loved nothing more than being in the garden. She and Sam bought the property that would become PDX Urban Farm in 2021 and immediately got to work!

Here Cassidy is pictured at the Callanish Standing Stones on the Isle of Lewis in Scotland.

Petunia (No last name, like Britney)

General Manager

Petunia is 9 months old, but don't let her age fool you. She keeps things movin' and groovin' at the farm. If you want to sit down, for even a minute, Petunia will remind you that there are holes to be dug and balls to be thrown. She is also head mole-wrangler and cat-chaser. It's hard work, but it's important and Petunia is willing to do it. Petunia is part Staffordshire Terrier, Part German Shephard, Part Husky/Malamute, Part Black Lab and 100% the boss.

Here is Petunia taking a much deserved break on the deck at the Farm.


We may be a small team for now, but we have big plans. There is magic in the garden.

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