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Welcome to PDX Urban Farm!

Updated: Sep 15, 2021


PDX Urban Farm is a sustainable venture based in Southeast Portland, Oregon. I'm Cassidy and this farm is the culmination of many years of dreaming for me! I have always loved gardening, found my obsession for vegetable gardening when I moved to Portland 10 years ago. After moving to Japan with my husband for almost 2 years I realized that not only do I love gardening, but I need it. It brings me joy, it gives me purpose, it's what I look forward when I wake up every morning.

I make sustainable products using as many natural ingredients from the farm as possible. These products aim to be healthy for you, not only being chemical free and using all natural products, but bringing the bounty of nature into your home. There are so many proven medical benefits from herbs, even just the scent of naturally derived herbs can provide benefits to your body. I have always enjoyed the quote "We are the daughters of the witches that did not burn" because I believe that many of those poor women were targeted because they understood the power of the earth. They knew that Mother Nature provided many wonders in her bounty. Those women used their knowledge of natural cures and remedies to help their communities, and because the natural products worked so well, the women were targeted for witchcraft.

I hope to carry on the legacy of those women and honor them in the process. There is magic in the garden. Magic exists in the dew drops on flower petals before the sun rises and burns it away. Magic exists on the wings of a hummingbird as it flits in and out of the plants. There is magic in the satisfied buzz of a bee when it finds pollen in a newly opened flower. Magic surges as the last rays of golden sunlight filter through the maple leaves. Magic thrives as the moths and other night pollinator's lay their claim in the moonlight.

Sunset sunlight filtering through a maple tree at PDX Urban Farm.
Magic of the garden. Sunset at the farm.

With this urban farm, I aim to give back to the magic of the garden that Mother Nature has provided. Not only is this a venture to provide natural products to the public, but also to promote sustainable and Eco-replenishing gardening methods. PDX Urban Farm will lead through example and work on improving our little corner of the world.

Thank you for being here. Together we will do something magical.

Cassidy - Owner, PDX Urban Farm

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